Food for life

Food for life seeks to provide those communities of low resources that present severe and moderate cases of malnutrition with a food sustenance that serves as a means to face this crisis, where children and older adults have been the most affected because they do not have the resources to get ahead.

Food for life in Miranda State, community “Strenght and will” Venezuela

Within the state of Miranda, there are several communities that succumb to the lack of food, our program seeks in this first approach to provide food support to the community of “Force and Will” which has a high rate of malnutrition in older adults and childrens.

Yesenia Alvarez has been supporting these people for a whole year seeking resources through neighbors and foundations like Caritas Venezuela, who have provided grain and dry food to carry it out, but motivated by the cost of products each day is less what she receives to carry it forward.

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If you are interested in supporting us we invite you to read our introductory post where you can learn more about us and some frequently asked questions:INTRODUCING AID VENEZUELA | CRYPTOCURRENCY HUMANITARIAN AID

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