We would like to thank all the people who supported this campaign and made it possible for our first delivery to be successful.

It has been two weeks of hard work looking for food, getting the best prices and trying to support as much as possible the community of Pitahaya located in the state of Miranda. We have seen faces shining, people crying and encouragement to change. It has been a very pleasant first experience.

Venezuela is going through a humanitarian crisis, economic resources continue to decline and inflation continues to rise. However, people do not lose hope and continue to struggle to get ahead.

We will support you in whatever is in our hands and we demonstrate that with our work.


In a short time we managed to complete a first achievement of $180 to provide a meal full of protein to these young and old, and create as many smiles as possible in just one community of so many who live in the country, yesterday we managed to complete the remaining $180 for a second week which allowed us today to make the purchase of food and deliver it to the community. Mrs. Yesenia has been very grateful with this project and she really hopes to see us support them again in the near future.

The changes from STEEM to Bolívar Soberano VES (Local Course Currency), were made thanks to the transparency and support of @orinoco. Those who with their quick response manage to make the change in just minutes without charging any tax on the matter.

  • The project has managed to deliver in its two weeks a wide distribution of:
    • Proteins: Meat, Chicken, Beef Belly, Mortadella
    • Vegetables: Potatoes, Onions, Onions, Onions, Paprika, Aji, Garlic Porro, Cilantro, Garlic, Tomatoes (although it is a fruit), Carrots.
    • Dry Foods: rice, spaghetti, flour, salt, sugar.
    • Eggs
    • As well as other foods that they have been able to identify in the images corresponding to each week.

All this thanks to you!
We give special thanks to Mr @r2cornell for his constant support. You are an angel in the face of so much darkness!

You can read all the updates here:

Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Food Program Food for Life

AID VENEZUELA | “Food for life” A short documentary | Crowdfunding campaign in Fundition | Support now!

Food for Life Some updates and also thanks for the fast support

Fundition proudly presents: @aid.venezuela’s project: “Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Food Program Food for Life”

Food for Life We have made our first week donation Thanks to all

Food for life The first week has already begun Thank you for supporting us

Food for Life First week sumary Pitahaya community

Food For Life | Pitahaya “Miranda State” Venezuela First Week

Next goals:

As a project, we must ensure a complete distribution of resources and start a new campaign in another part of the country. We are already working on the IMC analysis of various communities in other states and looking at the most vulnerable cases, where the foundations will also begin to serve as a link to carry this out.

In this sense, after having participated in previous weeks in an arepazo held in the city of Caracas: 

AID VENEZUELA | A photographic summary “Giving food to people” 16 March | Caracas – Venezuela

Foundations are facilitating and organizing canteens in other entities.

Our support will always be from crypto help in conjunction with @fundition.

We also seek to encourage people:

  • Make donations in SBD/STEEM to the account.
  • Delegations
  • Sbi shares
  • Power up direct to our account.

This in order to allow a self-management of the project and create passive income to the same as well as a steady growth to our own SP in the future.


We never thought help would come so soon, we never thought the response would be so positive. It is not only a community, it is a people and an entire country that observes and thanks for all the support given. Today is Venezuela, tomorrow could be any nation.
We invite everyone who is born in your heart to support this cause. No matter how small. Your help is worth and worth a lot.Thank you again for believing in this project, thank you for observing this text for a few minutes and thank you for putting the name of this blockchain in large by demonstrating, that humanity exists.
Steem on!

Let’s help those who need it.

Sincerely Carlos Serrano. @zaxan

Founder aid.venezuela .

Crypto Humanitarian Aid for Venezuelan people.

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