We would like to thank all those who have contributed their grain of sand to the programme in such a short time. Special thanks to @r2cornell who has been with us since the beginning and has given us a tremendous contribution to make the first week of Food for Life in the community of “Fuerza y voluntad” located in the state of Miranda, Venezuela.

We have talked a little more with Yesenia who gave us a list of various data on the most affected people in their community and who under an analysis of BMI could be deduced that they are in a state of severe or moderate malnutrition.

The most serious cases in the community are:

We will start buying the supplies from tomorrow and cataloguing them and we will start the program from next Monday. Thank you very much for your support!

Let’s help those who need it.

Sincerely Carlos Serrano. @zaxan

Founder aid.venezuela .

Crypto Humanitarian Aid for Venezuelan people.

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