We would like to thank you for the constant support you have given to this project and to our first supported community. 

It is a pleasure for us to see how the blockchain of steem in conjunction with fundition and its donors has allowed these people to have one more life expectancy by receiving a better meal daily. The Food for Life program has already begun to see the fruits of their donations and since last Monday we have been observing how young people have a more balanced meal.

On this occasion they were able to eat grains, arepas and eggs. Something that they had been unable to eat together for a long time. We hope to be able to continue supporting them in the second week. There is only a short way to go to reach the goal.

The Pitahaya community is extremely grateful for the support they are providing which in turn has allowed donations from local foundations to be stored for future weeks.

We give them our greatest thanks and invite you to read and support this project in every possible way. 

We thank you for your support, let’s help those who need it.

Sincerely Carlos Serrano. @zaxan

Founder aid.venezuela .

Crypto Humanitarian Aid for Venezuelan people.

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