We want to thank all the people who have made this work possible. Thanks to you we have been able to complete our first goal and bring the food for the first week of Food for Life to the Pitahaya community.

Yesenia was very surprised with the amount of food we were able to buy and the amount of protein that we have provided, with all this the children and older adults of the community will be able to improve a little their diet and allow them to gain a little more weight.

We especially thank Mr. @r2cornell who has accompanied this work from beginning to end with your donations, you are an angel.

List of purchased items:

10 kg of Flour

6 kg of Spaghetti 

4 kg of Rice

10 kg of Meat

3 kg mortadella

2 kg of Onion

6 kg of tomatoes

8 kg of potatoes

2 kg of carrots

1 1/2 Kg of Ají

1 kg of paprika

1/2 kg of chives

1/2 kg of Ajoporro

1 kg Salt

1 Butter 

1 Vegetable Oil

1/2 kg of Garlic

3 Egg cartons

We explained to Yesenia a balanced menu to take advantage of the resources and she was pleased with the donations. She also thanked all the network of users who collaborated in this work and who continue to contribute their grain of sand to get the resources for a second week.

Venezuela is suffering a humanitarian crisis in which the economy has been particularly affected. As a project we thank everyone for their donations and hope to continue working to support those most in need.


Food purchase (week): $150

Transportation (week): $20

Other expenses (week): $10

In total we need $180 to make our second week of support to this community, hope some people help in the incoming days!

We thank you for your support, let’s help those who need it.

Sincerely Carlos Serrano. @zaxan

Founder aid.venezuela .

Crypto Humanitarian Aid for Venezuelan people.

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