We recently completed the first “Food For Life” campaign on @fundition:
https://fundition.io/#!/@aid.venezuela/30wfgrql0 , since then we have been observing a limited number of communities trying to create a system that will allow us to serve them all in the next launch of this program.


Aid Venezuela is born as a space in charge of attending specific cases of humanitarian aid to institutions of health, popular sectors of low resources or particular people that by means of the previous link with a foundation/project/community in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and after the follow-up of his case allows him to arrive an aid with the purpose of cushioning a little the damage to the life that suffer the citizens in this country.

Food for life

Food for Life seeks to provide those low-income communities with severe and moderate cases of malnutrition with a food supply that serves as a means to face this crisis, where children and older adults have been the most affected because they do not have the resources to cope.

Population expected to attend:

In our first delivery we served a population of 80 people, providing food for two weeks to children and adults with severe and moderate cases of malnutrition.

In this opportunity we want to diversify the project in order to serve more communities and allow an expansion in the resources that enter the project. In this sense we proposed to support at least 6 communities in the central region of the country and divide the amount of aid, thus supporting 40 cases in each of them.

How will you make the selection?

Currently, Zaxan, founder of the project, has contacts with at least 5 foundations nationwide and of which we have already participated in a previous activity. They have a long catalog of communities which have already been served by specialists, doctors and nutritionists, through them we seek to create the link with communities and / or hospitals that are going through this situation and do not have any help from any project.

Links with the Venezuelan Red Cross:

A few days ago we managed to contact the president of the Red Cross of the municipality Cristóbal Rojas located in the state of Miranda and we explained a little about the project, its bases, foundations and objectives. As they are an internationally recognized entity, we seek to create a greater link that will allow us to give more strength to the project, creating through them a better link with the regions and the possible help from other parts of the country. In addition, they as an institution have a long list of volunteers in the health sector.

What fundraising goal have you set for this new journey?

Seeing all that could be achieved in the previous campaign we could see that $180 can cover the needs of one meal a day for 80 people for 1 week. The objective in this next campaign is to triple the amount and support 6 communities in the central region.

In this sense we would be talking about a first goal of $540.

Will you cover again two weeks of help to the same community?

To be frank, yes. As a growing project we don’t have the capacity to diversify into a larger number of communities so we not only want to cover two weeks but also act as “godparents” of these communities and be able to allow constant support to them, with an action plan that is renewed every month and continue to collect donations for constant support.

Why not change communities?

Cases of malnutrition are not cases that can be solved with just one or two weeks of food. In order to correct a case of severe and moderate malnutrition, it is necessary to correspond to the community for at least one month and to constantly verify the evolution of the subject in question.

In this way we can rescue these cases and allow low-income families an aid in the face of the national situation.

Do the communities hope to rotate in the future?

As we said, we seek to rescue communities with cases of severe and moderate malnutrition.

As this process takes place and the project continues to grow and become self-sustainable, we will gradually rotate the communities to be able to take care of cases in the western and eastern regions of the country.

When does the campaign begin?

Once we have collected the first cases of malnutrition in the communities presented by the foundations, we will begin the campaign.

For now we invite you to visit the previous campaign, which, despite having achieved 100% of the goal, can continue to receive donations which will go to the community presented in the same: Strength and Will, Miranda state.

I understand. What should I do now?

Support the project!

Link for donate: https://fundition.io/#!/@aid.venezuela/30wfgrql0

If you are interested in supporting us we invite you to read our introductory post where you can learn more about us and some frequently asked questions:INTRODUCING AID VENEZUELA | CRYPTOCURRENCY HUMANITARIAN AID



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