We bring you information about what has been done recently in the project. We hope that people can continue to support this cause for further growth and increase support to our country and communities to be supported.

Les traemos información sobre lo que se ha hecho recientemente en el proyecto. Esperamos que las personas puedan seguir apoyando esta causa para un mayor crecimiento y aumentar el apoyo a nuestro país y las comunidades a ser apoyadas.

Foundations Allied

We have found several foundations that are willing to collaborate in our next @fundition program. They will serve as a link with the communities to be addressed, thus taking charge of the management of the resources to be delivered in food to these spaces and the follow-up necessary for the proper functioning of the program.

Remembering and making use of our “Food for life | Guide for program organization” presented weeks ago, which allows optimal work and more conscious support.

Hemos encontrado diversas fundaciones que están prestas a colaborar en nuestro próximo programa de @fundition. Las mismas, servirán como enlace con las comunidades a abordar, encargándose así del manejo de los recursos a ser entregados en materia alimenticia a dichos espacios y del seguimiento necesario para el correcto funcionamiento del programa.

Recordando y haciendo uso de nuestra ”
Food for life | Guía para la organización del programa ” presentada semanas atrás, la cual permita un trabajo óptimo y un apoyo más consciente.

Steem Power:

Our Steem power continues to grow gradually, currently we have a total of 354.23 SP and a delegation of
2,482.81 SP for a total of 2,837.04 SP

We thank all the delegates for trusting us and lending their grain of sand to this cause, we also invite everyone to help us and contribute their grain of sand, remembering that the vote of the account is being sold to @smartsteem to generate passive rewards that will be used for powerup/activities. In the future we hope to have enough Steem power of our own to make use of the @ocd services offered by @acydio and earn passive rewards by that means.

We also remind you that the Steem power delegate is always blocked and generating rewards to your accounts, it can be removed or edited at any time if you wish.

Nuestro Steem power sigue creciendo paulatinamente, actualmente poseemos un total de 354.23 SP y una delegación de
2,482.81 SP para un total de 2,837.04 SP

Agradecemos a todos los delegadores por confiar en nosotros y prestar su grano de arena a esta causa, así mismo invitamos a todos a ayudarnos y aportar su grano de arena, recordando que el voto de la cuenta está siendo vendido a @smartsteem para generar recompensas pasivas que serán usadas para powerup/actividades. En un futuro esperamos tener suficiente Steem power propio para hacer uso de los servicios de @ocd ofrecidos por @acydio y ganar recompensas pasivas por ese medio.

Asi mismo les recordamos que el Steem power delegado está siempre bloqueado y generando recompensas a sus cuentas, el mismo puede ser removido o editado en cualquier momento si lo desean.

DelegatorAmountVesting SharesDelegation Time
ajorundon50.073 SP0.100 MVests2019-04-04, 11:00
alexvanaken300.048 SP0.599 MVests2019-04-26, 21:39
consciousangel750.006 SP0.100 MVests2019-04-27, 17:51
crystalhuman100.125 SP0.200 MVests2019-04-07, 23:02
joshman50.007 SP0.100 MVests2019-04-27, 02:18
juliakponsford300.410 SP0.600 MVests2019-04-05, 22:24
overkillcoin100.015 SP0.200 MVests2019-04-26, 23:46
r2cornell1,301.513 SP2.598 MVests2019-04-09, 12:45
scilwa200.531 SP0.400 MVests2019-03-14, 10:16


Thanks to the support of various people we have obtained 600 sbi shares of @steembasicincome which allows us to obtain a vote in our publications equivalent to approximately $0.5 (the same may vary).

We remind you that every time you send 1 SBI Share in support of the project you get the same amount of SBI Shares in your account, being this a very favorable way to support us and support you at the same time.

Gracias al apoyo de diversas personas hemos obtenido 600 sbi shares de @steembasicincome lo que nos permite obtener un voto en nuestras publicaciones equivalente a un aproximado de $0.5 (el mismo puede variar).

Les recordamos que cada vez que envias 1 SBI Share en apoyo al proyecto tu obtienes la misma cantidad de SBI Shares en tu cuenta, siendo esta una forma muy favorable de apoyarnos y apoyarte al mismo tiempo.

@steemmonsters game

They gave us a Starter Pack of @steemmonsters so sometimes we make games of it to get the rewards cards and sell them to get a little more funds.

Also at least once a month we buy a Beta Pack with the hope of obtaining a golden or legendary card that allows us to obtain many more funds, remembering that these cards have a great value within the blockchain market.

If you would like to donate Steem Monsters cards you can do so to our account or simply sell them and make your donations at STEEM.

Nos regalaron un Starter Pack de @steemmonsters por lo cual a veces realizamos partidas del mismo para obtener las rewards cards y venderlas para conseguir un poco más de fondos.

Así mismo al menos 1 vez al mes compramos un Beta Pack con la esperanza de obtener una carta dorada o legendaria que nos permita obtener muchísimos más fondos, recordando que dichas cartas tienen un gran valor dentro del mercado de la blockchain.

Si deseas donar cartas de Steem Monsters puedes hacer a nuestra cuenta o simplemente venderlas y hacer tus donativos en STEEM.

Bringing food aid to the streets!

Just as there is the food for life program, we decided to start a space dedicated to people directly in the streets who are chosen randomly and after observation according to their state of need, we proceed to provide food that can serve to eat better one more day.

These foods are paid with the daily rewards that we obtain from our publications as well as the rewards obtained from smartsteem and from the publications where we were added as beneficiaries.

Así como existe el programa food for life, decidimos iniciar un espacio dedicado a las personas directamente en las calles quienes son elegidos aleatoriamente y tras observación según su estado de necesidad, procedemos a brindarles alimentos que puedan servir para poder comer mejor un día más.

Estos alimentos son pagados con las recompensas diarias que obtenemos de nuestras publicaciones así como las recompensas obtenidas de smartsteem y de las publicaciones en donde fuimos añadidos como beneficiarios

We’ll be providing new updates this week so keep an eye out for it.
Thank you for your continued support!

If you want to help us disseminate the project we invite you to use the following markdown at the end of your publications, with your help we will be making more and more people know about the project. Thank you very much. They will add a image + link to our mision as project!

<a href="https://steemit.com/aidvenezuela/@aid.venezuela/introducing-aid-venezuela-or-cryptocurrency-humanitarian-aid"><img src="https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmcBbzL3f5g5MsFnGvq5WgonVW6GXS7vGuMd1rgd3tysTJ/supporter.jpg"></a>

If you are interested in supporting us we invite you to read our introductory post where you can learn more about us and some frequently asked questions:INTRODUCING AID VENEZUELA | CRYPTOCURRENCY HUMANITARIAN AID



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