What up, community?

We have been very busy with personal problems of the small team that makes up this project.

As you well know, the situation in Venezuela continues to worsen at unimaginable levels and many of us here have to carry out diverse tasks that consume our personal time in order to survive, such as work, studies, among others, which in many cases prevents us from being able to meet to carry out some type of activity in the streets.

To this is added the price of STEEM which has been decaying in recent months. In this sense we have not wanted to use the few resources that the project has hoping that this value increases and we have put our vote to the order of @votovzla to try to support their healing initiative to the community of Venezuelan users. However, this does not mean that the project is dead.

We are looking for viable ways to retake it and at the same time be able to increase incomes to at least dedicate 100% to one of the many communities that exist in the country and that have food or nutritional deficits.

At the same time, we would like to hear the opinions of the people who have supported us from the beginning and be able to know if there is a viable way, both internally and externally, with which this project can be sustained.

We hope to be able to continue counting on you in the future and thank you for all the support you have given so far.

If you want to help us disseminate the project we invite you to use the following markdown at the end of your publications, with your help we will be making more and more people know about the project. Thank you very much. They will add a image + link to our mision as project!

<a href="https://steemit.com/aidvenezuela/@aid.venezuela/introducing-aid-venezuela-or-cryptocurrency-humanitarian-aid"><img src="https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmcBbzL3f5g5MsFnGvq5WgonVW6GXS7vGuMd1rgd3tysTJ/supporter.jpg"></a>

If you are interested in supporting us we invite you to read our introductory post where you can learn more about us and some frequently asked questions:INTRODUCING AID VENEZUELA | CRYPTOCURRENCY HUMANITARIAN AID



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